"Always feel great after my visit! Highly recommend!"

"Brian and Holly are a winning team. Can not imagine trusting our therapy to anyone else."

"Pleasant clean environment, positive supportive personnel, excellent treatment, referred to friends."

"Brian and Holly are outstanding! I keep coming back b/c the progress on my shoulder has been amazing."

"Great first experience from the moment I walked through the door. Knee feels a lot better...hope it stays that way!!"

"The professionalism, attentiveness and knowledge of DSPT is top notch. I got great results after struggling for a long time with a bad back. Likewise, my 17 year old daughter was suffering from whiplash in her neck. Brian got her on the road to recovery and within a quick time, she was back to better than before. Thank you Brian and Holly!”

"Very responsive and always on time! With Holly running the front Brian can stay on track and they can handle a house full yet show you the attention that you need. Oh and my pain level is LOWER after 1 visit!"